High School Football

Have a seat, just not there!

The S.C. High School League has released a spectator/facility requirement guide for fans and schools in regards to attendance at fall sports this year. The Fort Mill School District has signed off on these terms and agreed to follow them, according to the High School League (SCHSL).

The SCHSL submitted their plans to the S.C. Department of Commerce earlier this week for approval and received confirmation these plans have been approved.

The seating guide will apply if attendance at a venue exceeds Gov. Henry McMaster’s executive order of spectator capacity which states capacity shall be 50 percent capacity of the venue or 250 persons at the venue, which ever comes first. These guides are for fans and not necessarily for school district officials, media or others at sporting events in official capacities.

When it comes to capacity:

-Schools should determine what capacity their venue can accommodate so that people remain six feet apart at all times (Indoor facilities should not exceed 50 percent capacity as defined by the Fire Marshal).

-Schools may include standing room only and non-traditional seating areas in their capacity accommodations.

-When determining capacity, considerations must be given to seating occupied by bands, cheerleaders, teams in waiting to play, or other groups which will have seating blocked off for their use during events.

-Schools should have signage posted to indicate capacity of venue. Once capacity has been reached no other persons should be allowed to enter the venue.

The SCHSL is also requiring that physical guides, tape on the floors or sidewalks, and signs on the walls be placed to ensure that individuals remain six feet apart in lines and at other times. Also expect limitations in lines as well as in restrooms if six feet separation can’t be maintained.

Tailgating is being prohibited according to the SCHSL and all persons are being asked to put on a face covering once they exit their vehicle. Also, the SCHSL is requesting that e-tickets or pre-sale options be put in place by schools to avoid long lines the night of an event.

For a full list of requirements by the SCHSL, go to the following link, http://schsl.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/SCHSL-Spectator-Facility-Guidelines-for-Venue-Use.pdf

Mac Banks: mac@fortmillprepsports.com, @fortprep